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Pricing & Conversion

Our platform works with a pricing system enabling you to choose what and how much you are willing to purchase. You have flexibility to purchase package or keyword installs and add ratings to installs or reviews to ratings. The pricing structure is:

Campaign Type Pricing Structure
Package / Standard (High Retention) $0.1
Keyword / Search (High Retention) $0.2
+Rate $0.1
+Review $0.08
+Rate or +Review can not be purchased standalone.

Additionally, you are able to set the number of conversions for your campaign. The total budget results as the number of conversions multiplied by the pricing (e.g. Conversions 5,000, Pricing $0.10 → Budget $500).

Tracking Solutions

Standard Tracking

Standard Tracking, our own proprietary solution, doesn't require an integrated SDK or any setup and is the right choice for most customers. It's the only tracking solution supporting high retention installs and detailed installation statistics and has numerous fraud prevention mechanics. However, depending on the app type, opening the app is not required for the end user.