Spy Keywords ASO Tool

NOTICE This tool has been deprecated but now available as a integral feature inside dashboard [checkout under new feature: Manage Application/Keywords].

Spy Keywords - Keyword Research

Extremely useful for Powerful & Effective Marketing

Note: Please read Important Notes before using the Tool.

Last 5 Spy Keywords History

# AppId Date Amount
168 com.walletc.opay 06 Feb 2021 $10
167 com.GoodDigitalApps.AssassinJungleRunner 01 Feb 2021 $10
166 com.walletc.opay 27 Jan 2021 $10
165 com.wasabiwallet.mobile 27 Jan 2021 $10
164 666575203 18 Jan 2021 $5
NOTICE: If our Keyword Spy ASO Tool does NOT find keywords for your app, kindly reach out to support and one of our ASO expert will do Keyword Research for your App at No additional cost.

Useful Information

Sample List of Keywords: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GjPu8hbe6WXEiL_wGxDFPqVEyNrq0KugojcHZSX6eqY/edit?usp=sharing

Important Notes:

  • It is highly recommended that you use this tool on a regular basis to get latest and updated data because the data exported with this tool will become old with time.
  • The no. of relavent keywords that our tool can find for your app is highly dependent on the popularity and visibility of your app.
  • It is highly recommended that you do NOT use this tool if your app is new because in such case tool might NOT be able to find any keyword.
  • You may ask for one re-run for FREE in case No keywords were found (Note: we charge you for using the tool, NOT on the basis of no. of keywords found.)
  • You should must have JavaScript enabled on your browser in order to save (Copy, Excel, PDF) the keywords.
  • You will be charged even If you enter wrong inputs, in such cases our tool will return 0 keywords and we will NOT refund your money.
  • Data returned by the tool may be cached and hence the ranking data shown by the tool may NOT be live.

What do Color Indicates ?
Very High Potential Keyword
High Potential Keyword
Medium Potential Keyword
Low Potential Keyword
Note: Color Indicators are shown only with plan "Keywords + Rank + Stats" !

What do Underline Indicates ?
Very High Competition Keyword
High Competition Keyword
Medium Competition Keyword
Low Competition Keyword
Note: Underline Indicators are shown only with plan "Keywords + Rank + Stats" !

How to use Keywords ?
These Keywords can be very useful while creating Keyword Campaigns.
Keywords installs are same as Normal Installs but In Keywords Installs, user will first search for the given keyword in google play store and find the app to installs it which will boost ranking (position in the search results) of your App in Google Play for that particular keyword.
The main advantage of Keywords installs is that once you reached the TOP1 ranking for any good keyword then you will get lot of organic installs.
Note: Keyword Campaigns are only effective when you buy at least 250 installs per day for couple of days.

Extra Information:
Competition / Hits Score => Number of Apps in the Search Results. Bigger Hits means Stronger Competition. For Google Play, the Max. value of Hits is 250.
Traffic Score => Estimated Search Traffic / Volume (Normalized to 0 - 100) of the Keyword in App Store / Google Play Store.
In AutoComplete => Whether the Keyword appears in “AutoComplete”. A keyword in “AutoComplete” typically has a very High Traffic.
Has Related => Whether the Keyword has “Related Keywords” or not. A keyword which has “Related Keywords” typically has a very High Traffic. Currently available for iOS & US only.
Note: Extra Informations are shown only with plan "Keywords + Rank + Stats" !