Will Google block / delete the ratings, reviews?

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Written by Luisa Woodfine Updated over a week ago

Google may block or delete some or all the ratings, reviews attempted or delivered by us sooner or later for which we are NOT responsible at all because google's moderation policy is too strict for ratings, reviews and we can't stop them but we have already given clear Warnings / Disclaimers in RED at https://asoeshop.com/campaign/add.php?platform=android (login required) indicating the same, so you just buying ratings, reviews completely at your own risk.

Please find the screenshot of the Warnings / Disclaimers below for your reference (actual may differ).
If you are going to buy ratings, reviews on our platform then while creating the campaign at https://asoeshop.com/campaign/add.php?platform=android (login required) make sure to go through the Declaration given there near "Create Campaign" button.

Please find the screenshot of the Declaration below for your reference (actual may differ).


Please note that it is impossible to make ratings, reviews retain forever because Google is using ML and AI technology which is unbeatable and hence those days are gone now. However, we are able to provide high-quality service with guarantee through our marketplace at https://elancemarket.com/, please find service links below for your reference:-

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