Troubleshooting Campaign Status Issues

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Written by Luisa Woodfine Updated over a week ago

What does "INCOMPATIBLE" Status Means?

  • App is incompatible with our platform. Check app country availability, app permissions or minimum android version > 4.2
  • Try pausing and re-running the campaign.
  • Kindly try our another platform as a quick alternative.
  • If nothing works you may want to reach out to support to get the campaign checked or terminated.

What does "NOT Found" Status Means?

  • The status 'not_found' means that users cannot find your app in the search results by the keyword you have chosen because your app is NOT ranked anywhere for that keyword.
  • Quick Solution: Try pausing and running your campaign several times with some interval. This should resolve most of the cases. (If you believe your app exist in the search results)
  • You may have to contact support and ask us to terminate the campaign (remaining budget will be refunded back to your account balance) and choose a new keyword by which your app can be found in search results among Top 250 results.
    Note: Please follow all the instructions carefully while creating the campaign. 
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  • Exceptional Cases:
    On the other hand, if you experience that a little number of installs was delivered but after that, your campaign was stopped with stats as ‘not found’ this means that most of our users cannot find your app by this keyword so the platform is unable to promote it. This happens because Google has personalized the search results which has made it dynamic and hence ranks from search results may vary for different google accounts and devices they use to search for your app. You can try setting the campaign again in a few days, this problem may go away. If NOT then it means we cannot work with this keyword.

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